Africa Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

In February 2018, IHI will bring its experience and expertise to Durban, South Africa for an unprecedented three-day conference — the first ever Africa Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

The conference will feature four empowering keynote addresses — including Don Berwick, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at IHI, and Derek Feeley, IHI’s Chief Executive Officer — and a myriad of small group workshops. With the conference content tailored specifically to the needs of developing countries, you will find comprehensive strategies for addressing topics such as:

  • Building improvement skills and capability
  • Engaging leaders, health workers, and others in quality improvement work
  • New methods of measurement and data analysis
  • High-impact leadership 
  • Improving maternal and child health
  • Preventing and treating infectious/communicable diseases  
  • Strategies for better person- and family-centered care
  • Solutions to ensure patient and staff safety
  • Ideas to increase equity
  • Suggestions for strengthening public health systems