QI Coaches Training in Thailand To Accelerate HIV Epidemic Control

In June 2018, UCSF-HEALTHQUAL convened a QI coaches training in Thailand with key stakeholders from the Bureau of AIDS, TB and STIs (BATS), Hospital Accreditation (HA), and selected ART sites who were joined by HEALTHQUAL’s Director, Dr. Bruce Agins, Dan Ikeda, Senior Program Manager, and master QI coaching trainer Emmanuel Aiyenigba of IHI.

The Training of Quality Coaches was part of a 5-day program, supported by UCSF-HEALTHQUAL, that is designed to build upon the existing foundation of QI knowledge within the Thai quality program, to deepen coaching skills and capacity of the existing cadre of QI coaches. This work is particularly relevant given a renewed emphasis on program sustainability in the context of decreasing donor funding.

A major area of focus for Thailand’s national HIV quality program is workforce capacity for QI, particularly given staff turnover that has resulted in loss of knowledge and capability. Training and potentially certifying QI coaches is aligned with an overall approach to ensuring longevity of the program toward achievement of HIV epidemic control.