QI Game Guide

The Game Guide is designed to make hands-on learning interactive and fun. This guide makes QI learning games more broadly available by describing how they work and by clarifying the lessons they help to teach. We hope that you will use this guide as you work to involve more and more people in your program in the important, and ongoing job of improving the quality of your services.

About this work

The HEALTHQUAL model for quality management evovled from decades of work in New York State beginning in 1992 as a government-led program for the New York State Department of Health to ensure quality of care for people living with HIV in New York State, the first of its kind in the world. This model was adapted nationally through the Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau as HIVQUAL-US and the National Quality Center (NQC), and subsequently applied globally for PEPFAR as HEALTHQUAL.

Since 1992, a diversity of resources have been developed as part of this work - for use in New York, throughout the US and globally. 

The Game Guide is a product of that work and HEALTHQUAL's previous institutional relationships in New York State.